Sunday, 22 February 2009

bryn christopher, bashy, kerry leatham, hannah-rose and ava leigh unplugged at stratford circus, east london

did a production managers job for urban development on thursday night... thanks for asking me eunice really enjoyed it and what a fantastic show. bryn chistopher headlined and performed an inspiring stax type soul boy slot, such a strong voice almost like a contemporary tom jones... and beyond cool mic technique... first time i heard a bloke sing a cover of "aint nobody" (the chaka khan classic and one of my fav tunes) and he nailed it big time. bashy played too and did his usual audience engaging stuff.. rocking the venue on a conscious tip... ava leigh did a couple of songs including her new single la la la... kerry leatham who was fresh news to me (bashy found her on myspace, think she was on the adulthood soundtrack?) but a lovely intellegent take on a kind of sensitive urban folk thing (i asked what genre it was and kerry was not going to be pigeon holed - respect)... also hannah-rose who again, was news to me. such a powerful good time sassy stomping voice.. travelled all the way from blackpool.. played with her guitarist and provided the show with a lot of girl power.... and finally, i've got to big up the house band, jazz super group tomorrows warriors (mentored by award winning double bassist gary crosby) ... they were brilliant.

really enjoyed working with all the good people at stratford circus, big up fusion, goo and nick.. rachel bee and ashanty.. and all the others who helped to deliver the event.

will be dropping tunes from all these artists next week on my sunday morning purple radio show.

was working hard... ... but managed to sneak a few snaps from the stage wing:

full set of images on flickr here

and by coincidence, during the show i recieved a text from michael nicholas (fire brigades union - executive officer for black and ethnic minories) ... an old mate... to say he was sitting in the audience and could see me working and would i fancy a beer after ... then.. in the interval he
won the raffle, a bottle of champagne and a couple of cargo tickets, it's a small world :)

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