Saturday, 21 July 2007

spansih civil war - memorial

attended the spanish civil war memorial today, at jubilee gardens, south bank, london uk.

a moving event, celebrating the memory of all those who fell during the fight against fascism in spain (circa 1936-39).

working on a project for the international brigade memorial trust and philosophy - making a film called "no pasaran". was there to film billy bragg (who sang "jarama valley") and spanish civil war veteran sam lessor (who spoke the poem "the volunteer" by cecil day-lewis)

Sunday, 15 July 2007

tolpuddle festival 2007

attended the tolpuddle festival on saturday and sunday, my first time. been wanting to visit for many years but have always been somewhere else. drove down on saturday specifically to film the remploy campaign stall for a gmb campaign film - this campaign is trying to save 43 factories, factories who employ people with disabilities.

on sunday i filmed billy bragg to help out with his "jail guitar doors" project. the fbu handed over a cheque for £1,300 which will look fantastic on the film.

the tolpuddle festival is good fun and quite an inspiration - a bit like the ascot of the trade union movement, bumped into many people that i know and have worked with over the years. i recommend this event to everyone.

Friday, 13 July 2007

south camden community school

was invited to tutor on a brilliant project in camden yesterday (thursday).

at south camden community school. broadly, the year 10's created a fashion show. this included dance, cat walk stuff, music, street clothes, sports, art decor, vj'ing, fim making and food.

i helped out by providing vj workshops, production and supporting the audio, the young people vj'd and controlled a live camera and dj position - the vj content projected onto a back wall. they also filmed and edited content shot at the rehearsals.

additionally, the young people were taught dance and spray can "art" as creative decor - by two other tutors.

the fashion show was performed to peer group, family, teacher reps and students from year 9.

it was fantastic to be invited to contribute. all thanks to jon pettigrew, the teacher who took the risk. and of course thanks to the students from south camden community school who made it so inspiring.

Monday, 9 July 2007

what to write

had this blog since 2003... and still haven't written anything meaningful. what's that all about?
not like i haven't got stuff to natter about? i lead a fairly interesting and diverse life... both at work and play, i have a bit of spare time, etc.... no excuses.

here's something, i recently entered a tate photographic competition (how we are now). it's a competition designed to express contemporary uk - there's also an exhibition to go with it (on line and off line)

submitted four images... "portrait" (teenage rapper), "documentary" (anti war activists enjoy a gossip), "still life" (RIP world cup winner) and "landscape" (combe jibbet).

... and we're off.